Yoru to Umi / Night and Sea

by Goumoto


read at night. review done later. date is when read.

not the biggest fan of highschool yuri, but i quite liked this. i am or i was very similar to the character tsukiko. i feel i enjoyed this more than others might because of my similar views on relationships whether romantic or not.

for various reasons, i have found myself content with and an instigator of fleeting relationships. this is both a good thing and a bad thing. as the manga is about a highschool romance (heavily implied, although not as outright or typical) and friendship, i was reminded of __ ___. we had a similar thing. we didn't keep contact either as she moved away.

... part of the reason i developed an acceptance and preference for more ephemeral relationships was because of friendships in my youth being cut short due to them moving away. my first friendship must have been with a refugee. i remember coloring in a stairwell with her. i don't think either of us knew english at the time. and then in school, there were a couple times where i became really good friends really quickly with the daughters of migrant workers.

one time i did try to keep in touch with a friend by calling but maybe i didn't return one call and that was that. the conversations weren't that great either. and no comment on how i am at keeping in touch with friends now. that is a topic for a journal entry and not this "review"...

anyway the manga was quite nice in depecting the friendship of high school girls in love.